Members of the public public are welcome to attend any of our programs.  For more information, send us a message from our contact page.


All programs begin or are held at the South Barrington Park District

on the tennis club side unless noted below.

5 Tennis Club Lane

South Barrington

Due to Covid 19 we have not been able to meet since March.  Please check back to see what your committee has planned for 2021!

January 2

Alyse Cohen Burman

PowerPoint presentation

"Soaring with the Birds"

Alyse is the owner of The WildBird Shack, Ltd., an independent wildbird store, located in Mount Prospect. Burman has been birding for over 20 years,traveling throughout the United States to pursue her passion of birding.


Alyse will talk about the behavior and identity of birds, colors of the birds, nesting habits, characteristics, communication, such as their calls. Come and hear her presentation so you will be able to understand the birds in your own backyards.


February 6

Time: 9:00 am

Presenter: Laura Christensen

Laura will talk about the Lyme Disease epidemic, what to look for and some of the myths. Learn what gardeners and outdoor people need to know.  Laura and her family contracted the disease and found out through their struggles what people should know and how to combat it. 


Laura is an experienced landscaper and public speaker.  She has a bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture from the University of Wisconsin and a master’s degree in city planning from Northwestern.  She owns her own landscape design firm and is a 37 year member of The American Society of Landscape Architects.

March 5

Time: 9:00 am

Presenter: Kim White

PowerPoint Presentation



Biomimicry is an approach to innovation that seeks sustainable solutions to human challenges by emulating nature's time-tested patterns and strategies. Kim will show many examples of how science looked to nature to solve complex problems by using Biomimicry.


Kim spent 19 years associated with the Brookfield Zoo’s Education Department as both a volunteer and employee

Click the button at the right to watch a short video to explain biomimicry.

Other longer videos will pop up if you are interested

April 2

Time: 9:00 am

Presenter: Kent Taylor

PowerPoint Preservation

"Our Climate Crisis" 


An informative presentation on how climate change is affecting our planet including its coral reefs and oceans, our polar regions, our health, agriculture and economy. Kent will present ways for us to mitigate the effects and even reverse the current trend.  


Ken was a diver and lecturer at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium.  


May 7

Tennis Club

9:00 am

Program you be announced

May 14*

Time: 4:00 p.m.

Where: South Barrington Village Hall

Bill Rose Pavilion

Presenter: Julia Bachrach

“Designed to Dazzle and Delight”

PowerPoint Presentation for all

South Barrington residents and garden club members


Julia will present "Designed to Dazzle and Delight - the Chicago 1893 World's Fair Exposition” exploring the structuring and design of landscaping 600 acres in a short period of time for 26 million people to enjoy.

Julie is an award winning author, a preservationist and urban planner.  She wrote The City in a Garden: a History of Chicago’s Parks and contributed to The Oxford Companion to the Garden and Midwestern Landscape Architecture. 

Additional program open to the public.

June 4

Bus Trip

Chicago Botanic Gardens

Time: Start gathering at 8:30 am

Bus leaves promptly at 9:00 am

The Chicago Botanic Garden began more than 45 years ago.  It is comprised of 385 acres with 27 gardens and four natural areas.  It has 9 islands and six miles of shoreline around its lakes.

Tour the garden by tram or walk through its many gardens.

July 9

Nature Therapy Walk

Shinrin-yoku the Practice of Forest Bathing

Lead by Jane Grillo

Location to be announced

Time:  9:00 am at the Park District


Jane will lead us on our exploration of this concept.  Nature is the medicine.


Jane has worked for many years in the horticultural field.  Most recently, she has worked at Midwest Groundcovers, Inc. in St. Charles.

August 6

Bus Trip

Morton Arboretum

Time: Start gathering at 8:30 am

Bus leaves promptly at 9:00 am

The Morton Arboretum, in Lisle, Illinois, United States, is a public garden, and outdoor museum with a library, herbarium, and program in tree research including the Center for Tree Science. Its grounds, covering 1,700 acres, include cataloged collections of trees and other living plants, gardens, and restored areas, among which is a restored tallgrass prairie. The living collections include more than 4,100 different plant species. There are more than 200,000 cataloged plants.

Their Children's Garden and maze are fun for adults as well as children.  Join us for an exciting exploration of the space.

September 4

Club Social and Membership Drive

The Hut at South Barrington Park District

Time 9:00 am

Come and share your experiences in your garden. Learn how our various projects are progressing and sign up to work at our annual luncheon and for 2021 committees.  If you have ideas for the 2021 Program committee, bring them! Bring a friend and enjoy refreshments.

October 1

Car Pool – Meet at the SBPD

Time: 9:00 Meet at the Park District

Hands on Project - Pumpkin Decorating

Hawthorne Woods Garden Center


If you prefer to meet us there, the address is:

     24481 N. Old McHenry Road

     Hawthorn Woods, IL



Staff members will instruct us in several ways to get ready for the season.  Get in the spirit of the season and join us for a fun pumpkin decorating event.

November 5

Annual Business Meeting


Floral Arranging Demonstration

Lisa Hilgenberg


Come for our annual business meeting and stay for a holiday floral arrangement program.  Lisa Hilgenberg will show us how to make outdoor garlands, kissing balls and floral arrangements for the holidays.  These arrangements will be sold to the members.


Lisa works at the Joseph Reginstein School of the Chicago Botanic Garden as an instructor.  Her pashion is growing dahlias and floral arranging.

December 3

Time:  11:00 am

Where: Park District – room to be announced


Holiday Party for our members provided by your SBGC Board. Thank you to all our members who have worked so hard throughout the year! Come, relax and enjoy.

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