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2019 Projects
Sensory Garden
Due to Covid 19 the installation of a sensory garden at the Barbara Rose School by the kindergarten entrance has been postponed.  We hope to begin this project in 2022. 
Village Planters
The club plants and maintains seasonal plantings at the Village Hall entrance at 700 Barrington Road in South Barrington and at the Park District entrance at 3 Tennis Court Lane in South Barrington. In December the club also arranges for indoor arrangements at each front desk including our police department. Approximately 20% of members are involved with this project.
Butterfly Waystation
Started in 2019 the waystation is located on the south side of the entrance to the South Barrington Conservancy.  A committee of 8 women created the waystation and a small committee continues to water and weed as necessary
work with local schools and preschools on various projects including Woodsy the Owl contest, Arbor Day and Earth Day. The Schools are the Park District Preschool at 3 Tennis Court Lane and Barbara Rose School at 61 W. Penny Rd. both are in South Barrington as well as other elementary, junior high schools in District 220. We also make donations and work with Rose School Green Club. Approximately 15% are involved with this project.


Annual Holiday Luncheon
Our Annual Luncheon has been postponed until 2021.  Check back for information as it becomes available!


South Barrington Conservancy

Members help establish plantings of native plants in the conservancy.  Approximately 20% of our membership are actively involved with this project. SBGC has installed a Pollinator Garden at the Conservancy and has been able to work on this project through the pandemic.

Blue Star Marker

As a member of the Council of Barrington Area Garden Clubs, we take an active part in the maintenance of the marker on Highway 68 southwest of the Barrington Hills Village Hall.  It marks where a group of volunteers signed up to fight in the Civil Way and then walked to Chicago.  There was one woman who participated.  Our club just completed fall clean up and planting of more spring bulbs.